Video Saliency Detection

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Most implemented papers

Contextual Encoder-Decoder Network for Visual Saliency Prediction

alexanderkroner/saliency 18 Feb 2019

To develop robust representations for this challenging task, high-level visual features at multiple spatial scales must be extracted and augmented with contextual information.

Simple vs complex temporal recurrences for video saliency prediction

imatge-upc/SalEMA 3 Jul 2019

This paper investigates modifying an existing neural network architecture for static saliency prediction using two types of recurrences that integrate information from the temporal domain.

Unified Image and Video Saliency Modeling

rdroste/unisal ECCV 2020

We evaluate our method on the video saliency datasets DHF1K, Hollywood-2 and UCF-Sports, and the image saliency datasets SALICON and MIT300.

Revisiting Video Saliency: A Large-scale Benchmark and a New Model

wenguanwang/DHF1K CVPR 2018

Existing video saliency datasets lack variety and generality of common dynamic scenes and fall short in covering challenging situations in unconstrained environments.

DeepVS: A Deep Learning Based Video Saliency Prediction Approach

remega/OMCNN_2CLSTM ECCV 2018

Hence, an object-to-motion convolutional neural network (OM-CNN) is developed to predict the intra-frame saliency for DeepVS, which is composed of the objectness and motion subnets.

A Dilated Inception Network for Visual Saliency Prediction

ysyscool/DINet 7 Apr 2019

In this work, we proposed an end-to-end dilated inception network (DINet) for visual saliency prediction.

TASED-Net: Temporally-Aggregating Spatial Encoder-Decoder Network for Video Saliency Detection

kylemin/TASED-Net ICCV 2019

It consists of two building blocks: first, the encoder network extracts low-resolution spatiotemporal features from an input clip of several consecutive frames, and then the following prediction network decodes the encoded features spatially while aggregating all the temporal information.

Video Saliency Prediction Using Enhanced Spatiotemporal Alignment Network

cj4L/ESAN-VSP 2 Jan 2020

Due to a variety of motions across different frames, it is highly challenging to learn an effective spatiotemporal representation for accurate video saliency prediction (VSP).

A Plug-and-play Scheme to Adapt Image Saliency Deep Model for Video Data

YunX17/AdaptSaliency 2 Aug 2020

With the rapid development of deep learning techniques, image saliency deep models trained solely by spatial information have occasionally achieved detection performance for video data comparable to that of the models trained by both spatial and temporal information.

Exploring Rich and Efficient Spatial Temporal Interactions for Real Time Video Salient Object Detection

guotaowang/STVS 7 Aug 2020

In this way, even though the overall video saliency quality is heavily dependent on its spatial branch, however, the performance of the temporal branch still matter.