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ViSiL: Fine-grained Spatio-Temporal Video Similarity Learning

MKLab-ITI/visil ICCV 2019

Subsequently, the similarity matrix between all video frames is fed to a four-layer CNN, and then summarized using Chamfer Similarity (CS) into a video-to-video similarity score -- this avoids feature aggregation before the similarity calculation between videos and captures the temporal similarity patterns between matching frame sequences.

Video Retrieval Video Similarity

Pose-Selective Max Pooling for Measuring Similarity

eglxiang/vgg_face 22 Sep 2016

In this paper, we deal with two challenges for measuring the similarity of the subject identities in practical video-based face recognition - the variation of the head pose in uncontrolled environments and the computational expense of processing videos.

Face Recognition Face Verification +1

PDQ & TMK + PDQF -- A Test Drive of Facebook's Perceptual Hashing Algorithms

AiLECS/pyMIH 16 Dec 2019

Efficient and reliable automated detection of modified image and multimedia files has long been a challenge for law enforcement, compounded by the harm caused by repeated exposure to psychologically harmful materials.

Video Similarity