Video Synchronization

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Most implemented papers

Technical Report of the Video Event Reconstruction and Analysis (VERA) System -- Shooter Localization, Models, Interface, and Beyond

JunweiLiang/VERA_Shooter_Localization 26 May 2019

Among other uses, VERA enables the localization of a shooter from just a few videos that include the sound of gunshots.

Rolling Shutter Camera Synchronization with Sub-millisecond Accuracy

smidm/flashvideosynchronization 28 Feb 2019

A simple method for synchronization of video streams with a precision better than one millisecond is proposed.

Representation Learning via Global Temporal Alignment and Cycle-Consistency

hadjisma/VideoAlignment CVPR 2021

We introduce a weakly supervised method for representation learning based on aligning temporal sequences (e. g., videos) of the same process (e. g., human action).

A subjective study of the perceptual acceptability of audio-video desynchronization in sports videos

joshuaebenezer/avsync_study 3 Dec 2022

This paper presents the results of a study conducted on the perceptual acceptability of audio-video desynchronization for sports videos.

Deep learning-based stereo camera multi-video synchronization

numediart/multi_video_sync 22 Mar 2023

Stereo vision is essential for many applications.

PoseSync: Robust pose based video synchronization

infocusp/posesync 24 Aug 2023

Pose based video sychronization can have applications in multiple domains such as gameplay performance evaluation, choreography or guiding athletes.