ACE 2004 (ACE 2004 Multilingual Training Corpus)

Introduced by Mitchell et al. in Ace 2004 multilingual training corpus

ACE 2004 Multilingual Training Corpus contains the complete set of English, Arabic and Chinese training data for the 2004 Automatic Content Extraction (ACE) technology evaluation. The corpus consists of data of various types annotated for entities and relations and was created by Linguistic Data Consortium with support from the ACE Program, with additional assistance from the DARPA TIDES (Translingual Information Detection, Extraction and Summarization) Program. The objective of the ACE program is to develop automatic content extraction technology to support automatic processing of human language in text form. In September 2004, sites were evaluated on system performance in six areas: Entity Detection and Recognition (EDR), Entity Mention Detection (EMD), EDR Co-reference, Relation Detection and Recognition (RDR), Relation Mention Detection (RMD), and RDR given reference entities. All tasks were evaluated in three languages: English, Chinese and Arabic.



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