AOLP (Application-oriented License Plate)

Introduced by Gee-Sern Hsu et al. in Application-Oriented License Plate Recognition

The application-oriented license plate (AOLP) benchmark database has 2049 images of Taiwan license plates. This database is categorized into three subsets: access control (AC) with 681 samples, traffic law enforcement (LE) with 757 samples, and road patrol (RP) with 611 samples. AC refers to the cases that a vehicle passes a fixed passage with a lower speed or full stop. This is the easiest situation. The images are captured under different illuminations and different weather conditions. LE refers to the cases that a vehicle violates traffic laws and is captured by roadside camera. The background are really cluttered, with road sign and multiple plates in one image. RP refers to the cases that the camera is held on a patrolling vehicle, and the images are taken with arbitrary viewpoints and distances.

Source: Reading Car License Plates Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks and LSTMs


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