Introduced by Friedman et al. in Overview of the 2021 Key Point Analysis Shared Task

Data set covering a set of debatable topics, where for each topic and stance, a set of triplets of the form <argument, KP, label> is provided. The data set is based on the ArgKP data set, which contains arguments contributed by the crowd on 28 debatable topics, split by their stance towards the topic, and KPs written by an expert for those topics. Crowd annotations were collected to determine whether a KP represents an argument, i.e., is a match for an argument. The arguments in ArgKP are a subset of the IBM-ArgQ-Rank-30kArgs data set. For a test set, we extended ArgKP, adding three new debatable topics, that were also not part of IBM-ArgQ-Rank-30kArgs. The test set was collected specifically for KPA-2021, and was carefully designed to be similar in various aspects to the training data 2 . For each topic, crowd sourced arguments were collected, expert KPs generated, and match/no match annotations for argument/KP pairs obtained, resulting in a data set compatible with the ArgKP format. Arguments collection strictly adhered to the guidelines, quality measures, and post processing used for the collection of arguments in IBM-ArgQ-Rank-30kArgs, while the generation of expert KPs, collection of match annotations, and final data set creation strictly adhered to the manner in which ArgKP was created.

Source: Overview of the 2021 Key Point Analysis Shared Task


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