Key Point Matching

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Given a debatable topic, a set of key points per stance, and a set of crowd arguments supporting or contesting the topic, report for each argument its match score for each of the key points under the same stance towards the topic.


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Most implemented papers

AdaLAM: Revisiting Handcrafted Outlier Detection

cavalli1234/AdaLAM 7 Jun 2020

Local feature matching is a critical component of many computer vision pipelines, including among others Structure-from-Motion, SLAM, and Visual Localization.

Quantitative Argument Summarization and Beyond: Cross-Domain Key Point Analysis

ibm/kpa_2021_shared_task EMNLP 2020

Recent work has proposed to summarize arguments by mapping them to a small set of expert-generated key points, where the salience of each key point corresponds to the number of its matching arguments.

LightGlue: Local Feature Matching at Light Speed

cvg/lightglue ICCV 2023

We introduce LightGlue, a deep neural network that learns to match local features across images.

Probabilistic Inference for Camera Calibration in Light Microscopy under Circular Motion

yuanhaoguo/circular-camera-calibration 30 Oct 2019

Robust and accurate camera calibration is essential for 3D reconstruction in light microscopy under circular motion.

Team Enigma at ArgMining-EMNLP 2021: Leveraging Pre-trained Language Models for Key Point Matching

manavkapadnis/enigma_argmining EMNLP (ArgMining) 2021

We present the system description for our submission towards the Key Point Analysis Shared Task at ArgMining 2021.

ENRICH: Multi-purposE dataset for beNchmaRking In Computer vision and pHotogrammetry

davidemarelli/ENRICH ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 2023

The availability of high-resolution data and accurate ground truth is essential to evaluate and compare methods and algorithms properly.

Stable Remaster: Bridging the Gap Between Old Content and New Displays

naston/stableremaster 11 Jun 2023

We explore the ability to combine multiple independent computer vision tasks to attempt to solve the problem of expanding aspect ratios of old animated content such that the new content would be indistinguishable from the source material to a brand-new viewer.