COFW (Caltech Occluded Faces in the Wild)

Introduced by Xavier P. Burgos-Artizzu et al. in Robust Face Landmark Estimation under Occlusion

The Caltech Occluded Faces in the Wild (COFW) dataset is designed to present faces in real-world conditions. Faces show large variations in shape and occlusions due to differences in pose, expression, use of accessories such as sunglasses and hats and interactions with objects (e.g. food, hands, microphones,
etc.). All images were hand annotated using the same 29 landmarks as in LFPW. Both the landmark positions as well as their occluded/unoccluded state were annotated. The faces are occluded to different degrees, with large variations in the type of occlusions encountered. COFW has an average occlusion of over 23.



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