EMDB contains in-the-wild videos of human activity recorded with a hand-held iPhone. It features reference SMPL body pose and shape parameters, as well as global body root and camera trajectories. The reference 3D poses were obtained by jointly fitting SMPL to 12 body-worn electromagnetic sensors and image data. For the latter we fit a neural implicit avatar model to allow for a dense pixel-wise fitting objective.

EMDB contains:

  • 81 sequences
  • 105 000 frames
  • 10 actors (5 female, 5 male)
  • Global camera trajectories
  • SMPL pose and shape parameters
  • 2D Keypoints

The dataset can be used to evaluate the following tasks:

  • Camera-relative 3D human pose and shape estimation from monocular videos.
  • Global 3D human pose and shape estimation including camera trajectories from monocular videos.
  • Human motion prediction.


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