FSDKaggle2018 is an audio dataset containing 11,073 audio files annotated with 41 labels of the AudioSet Ontology. FSDKaggle2018 has been used for the DCASE Challenge 2018 Task 2. All audio samples are gathered from Freesound and are provided as uncompressed PCM 16 bit, 44.1 kHz mono audio files. The 41 categories of the AudioSet Ontology are: "Acoustic_guitar", "Applause", "Bark", "Bass_drum", "Burping_or_eructation", "Bus", "Cello", "Chime", "Clarinet", "Computer_keyboard", "Cough", "Cowbell", "Double_bass", "Drawer_open_or_close", "Electric_piano", "Fart", "Finger_snapping", "Fireworks", "Flute", "Glockenspiel", "Gong", "Gunshot_or_gunfire", "Harmonica", "Hi-hat", "Keys_jangling", "Knock", "Laughter", "Meow", "Microwave_oven", "Oboe", "Saxophone", "Scissors", "Shatter", "Snare_drum", "Squeak", "Tambourine", "Tearing", "Telephone", "Trumpet", "Violin_or_fiddle", "Writing".

Source: https://zenodo.org/record/2552860


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