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Audio tagging with noisy labels and minimal supervision

7 Jun 2019lRomul/argus-freesound

The task evaluates systems for multi-label audio tagging using a large set of noisy-labeled data, and a much smaller set of manually-labeled data, under a large vocabulary setting of 80 everyday sound classes.


General audio tagging with ensembling convolutional neural network and statistical features

30 Oct 2018Cocoxili/DCASE2018Task2

Audio tagging is challenging due to the limited size of data and noisy labels.


General-purpose Tagging of Freesound Audio with AudioSet Labels: Task Description, Dataset, and Baseline

26 Jul 2018dbalaji5/audiotagging

The goal of the task is to build an audio tagging system that can recognize the category of an audio clip from a subset of 41 diverse categories drawn from the AudioSet Ontology.


Audio Tagging With Connectionist Temporal Classification Model Using Sequential Labelled Data

6 Aug 2018iooops/CS221-Audio-Tagging

To use the order information of sound events, we propose sequential labelled data (SLD), where both the presence or absence and the order information of sound events are known.


Unsupervised Feature Learning Based on Deep Models for Environmental Audio Tagging

13 Jul 2016lgerrets/asait18-tagging

For the unsupervised feature learning, we propose to use a symmetric or asymmetric deep de-noising auto-encoder (sDAE or aDAE) to generate new data-driven features from the Mel-Filter Banks (MFBs) features.