WI-LOCNESS (Cambridge English Write & Improve & LOCNESS)

Introduced by Bryant et al. in The BEA-2019 Shared Task on Grammatical Error Correction

WI-LOCNESS is part of the Building Educational Applications 2019 Shared Task for Grammatical Error Correction. It consists of two datasets:

  • LOCNESS: is a corpus consisting of essays written by native English students.
  • Cambridge English Write & Improve (W&I): Write & Improve (Yannakoudakis et al., 2018) is an online web platform that assists non-native English students with their writing. Specifically, students from around the world submit letters, stories, articles and essays in response to various prompts, and the W&I system provides instant feedback. Since W&I went live in 2014, W&I annotators have manually annotated some of these submissions and assigned them a CEFR level.
Source: The BEA-2019 Shared Task on Grammatical Error Correction


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