The MECCANO dataset is the first dataset of egocentric videos to study human-object interactions in industrial-like settings. The MECCANO dataset has been acquired in an industrial-like scenario in which subjects built a toy model of a motorbike. We considered 20 object classes which include the 16 classes categorizing the 49 components, the two tools (screwdriver and wrench), the instructions booklet and a partial_model class.

Additional details related to the MECCANO:

20 different subjects in 2 countries (IT, U.K.) Video Acquisition: 1920x1080 at 12.00 fps 11 training videos and 9 validation/test videos 8857 video segments temporally annotated indicating the verbs which describe the actions performed 64349 active objects annotated with bounding boxes 12 verb classes, 20 objects classes and 61 action classes


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