NMED-T (Naturalistic Music EEG Dataset - Tempo)

Losorelli, Steven, Nguyen, Duc T., Dmochowski, Jacek P., and Kaneshiro, Blair

This dataset contains cortical (EEG) and behavioral data collected during natural music listening. Dense-array EEG was recorded from 20 adult participants who each heard a set of 10 full-length songs with electronically produced beats at various tempos. In a separate subsequent listen, each participant tapped to the beat of a 35-second excerpt from each song. Participants also delivered ratings of familiarity and enjoyment for each full-length song during the EEG recording. Finally, the dataset includes basic demographic information about the participants, as well as Matlab scripts to perform the illustrated analyses presented in the paper introducing the dataset (Losorelli et al., 2017). Cleaned and aggregated data are published in Matlab format; raw EEG is published in Matlab format, while raw tapping data are published in .txt format. Stimulus audio is not published, but metadata links are provided.


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