Image Data Augmentation

RandAugment is an automated data augmentation method. The search space for data augmentation has 2 interpretable hyperparameter $N$ and $M$. $N$ is the number of augmentation transformations to apply sequentially, and $M$ is the magnitude for all the transformations. To reduce the parameter space but still maintain image diversity, learned policies and probabilities for applying each transformation are replaced with a parameter-free procedure of always selecting a transformation with uniform probability $\frac{1}{K}$. Here $K$ is the number of transformation options. So given $N$ transformations for a training image, RandAugment may thus express $KN$ potential policies.

Transformations applied include identity transformation, autoContrast, equalize, rotation, solarixation, colorjittering, posterizing, changing contrast, changing brightness, changing sharpness, shear-x, shear-y, translate-x, translate-y.

Source: RandAugment: Practical automated data augmentation with a reduced search space


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