BSN: Boundary Sensitive Network for Temporal Action Proposal Generation

ECCV 2018  Â·  Tianwei Lin, Xu Zhao, Haisheng Su, Chongjing Wang, Ming Yang ·

Temporal action proposal generation is an important yet challenging problem, since temporal proposals with rich action content are indispensable for analysing real-world videos with long duration and high proportion irrelevant content. This problem requires methods not only generating proposals with precise temporal boundaries, but also retrieving proposals to cover truth action instances with high recall and high overlap using relatively fewer proposals... To address these difficulties, we introduce an effective proposal generation method, named Boundary-Sensitive Network (BSN), which adopts "local to global" fashion. Locally, BSN first locates temporal boundaries with high probabilities, then directly combines these boundaries as proposals. Globally, with Boundary-Sensitive Proposal feature, BSN retrieves proposals by evaluating the confidence of whether a proposal contains an action within its region. We conduct experiments on two challenging datasets: ActivityNet-1.3 and THUMOS14, where BSN outperforms other state-of-the-art temporal action proposal generation methods with high recall and high temporal precision. Finally, further experiments demonstrate that by combining existing action classifiers, our method significantly improves the state-of-the-art temporal action detection performance. read more

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Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Result Benchmark
Temporal Action Localization ActivityNet-1.3 BSN mAP IOU@0.5 46.45 # 9
mAP 30.03 # 10
mAP IOU@0.75 29.96 # 9
mAP IOU@0.95 8.02 # 7
Temporal Action Proposal Generation ActivityNet-1.3 BSN AUC (val) 66.17 # 5
AR@100 74.16 # 5
AUC (test) 66.26 # 1
Temporal Action Proposal Generation THUMOS' 14 BSN + Soft-NMS AR@100 46.06 # 1
AR@1000 64.52 # 1
AR@200 53.21 # 1
AR@50 37.46 # 1
AR@500 60.64 # 1
Action Recognition THUMOS’14 BSN mAP@0.3 53.5 # 3
mAP@0.4 45.0 # 3
mAP@0.5 36.9 # 3
Temporal Action Localization THUMOS’14 BSN UNet mAP IOU@0.5 36.9 # 10
mAP IOU@0.3 53.5 # 8
mAP IOU@0.4 45 # 9
mAP IOU@0.6 28.4 # 7
mAP IOU@0.7 20 # 6


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