ChemRL-GEM: Geometry Enhanced Molecular Representation Learning for Property Prediction

Effective molecular representation learning is of great importance to facilitate molecular property prediction, which is a fundamental task for the drug and material industry. Recent advances in graph neural networks (GNNs) have shown great promise in applying GNNs for molecular representation learning. Moreover, a few recent studies have also demonstrated successful applications of self-supervised learning methods to pre-train the GNNs to overcome the problem of insufficient labeled molecules. However, existing GNNs and pre-training strategies usually treat molecules as topological graph data without fully utilizing the molecular geometry information. Whereas, the three-dimensional (3D) spatial structure of a molecule, a.k.a molecular geometry, is one of the most critical factors for determining molecular physical, chemical, and biological properties. To this end, we propose a novel Geometry Enhanced Molecular representation learning method (GEM) for Chemical Representation Learning (ChemRL). At first, we design a geometry-based GNN architecture that simultaneously models atoms, bonds, and bond angles in a molecule. To be specific, we devised double graphs for a molecule: The first one encodes the atom-bond relations; The second one encodes bond-angle relations. Moreover, on top of the devised GNN architecture, we propose several novel geometry-level self-supervised learning strategies to learn spatial knowledge by utilizing the local and global molecular 3D structures. We compare ChemRL-GEM with various state-of-the-art (SOTA) baselines on different molecular benchmarks and exhibit that ChemRL-GEM can significantly outperform all baselines in both regression and classification tasks. For example, the experimental results show an overall improvement of 8.8% on average compared to SOTA baselines on the regression tasks, demonstrating the superiority of the proposed method.

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Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Uses Extra
Training Data
Result Benchmark
Molecular Property Prediction BACE ChemRL-GEM ROC-AUC 85.6 # 3
Molecular Property Prediction BBBP ChemRL-GEM ROC-AUC 72.4 # 6
Molecular Property Prediction ClinTox ChemRL-GEM ROC-AUC 90.1 # 6
Molecules (M) 20 # 2
Molecular Property Prediction ESOL ChemRL-GEM RMSE 0.798 # 2
Molecular Property Prediction FreeSolv ChemRL-GEM RMSE 1.877 # 3
Molecular Property Prediction Lipophilicity ChemRL-GEM RMSE 0.66 # 2
Molecular Property Prediction QM7 ChemRL-GEM MAE 58.9 # 2
Molecular Property Prediction QM8 ChemRL-GEM MAE 0.0171 # 2
Molecular Property Prediction QM9 ChemRL-GEM MAE 0.00746 # 2
Molecular Property Prediction SIDER ChemRL-GEM ROC-AUC 67.2 # 2
Molecular Property Prediction Tox21 ChemRL-GEM ROC-AUC 78.1 # 3
Molecular Property Prediction ToxCast ChemRL-GEM ROC-AUC 69.2 # 2


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