CONTaiNER: Few-Shot Named Entity Recognition via Contrastive Learning

Named Entity Recognition (NER) in Few-Shot setting is imperative for entity tagging in low resource domains. Existing approaches only learn class-specific semantic features and intermediate representations from source domains. This affects generalizability to unseen target domains, resulting in suboptimal performances. To this end, we present CONTaiNER, a novel contrastive learning technique that optimizes the inter-token distribution distance for Few-Shot NER. Instead of optimizing class-specific attributes, CONTaiNER optimizes a generalized objective of differentiating between token categories based on their Gaussian-distributed embeddings. This effectively alleviates overfitting issues originating from training domains. Our experiments in several traditional test domains (OntoNotes, CoNLL'03, WNUT '17, GUM) and a new large scale Few-Shot NER dataset (Few-NERD) demonstrate that on average, CONTaiNER outperforms previous methods by 3%-13% absolute F1 points while showing consistent performance trends, even in challenging scenarios where previous approaches could not achieve appreciable performance.

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Results from the Paper

Ranked #2 on Few-shot NER on Few-NERD (INTRA) (using extra training data)

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Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Uses Extra
Training Data
Result Benchmark
Few-shot NER Few-NERD (INTER) CONTaiNER 5 way 1~2 shot 55.95 # 3
5 way 5~10 shot 61.83 # 3
10 way 1~2 shot 48.35 # 3
10 way 5~10 shot 57.12 # 3
Few-shot NER Few-NERD (INTRA) CONTaiNER 5 way 1~2 shot 40.43 # 2
5 way 5~10 shot 53.70 # 2
10 way 1~2 shot 33.84 # 2
10 way 5~10 shot 47.49 # 2