DDRprog: A CLEVR Differentiable Dynamic Reasoning Programmer

ICLR 2018  ·  Joseph Suarez, Justin Johnson, Fei-Fei Li ·

We present a novel Dynamic Differentiable Reasoning (DDR) framework for jointly learning branching programs and the functions composing them; this resolves a significant nondifferentiability inhibiting recent dynamic architectures. We apply our framework to two settings in two highly compact and data efficient architectures: DDRprog for CLEVR Visual Question Answering and DDRstack for reverse Polish notation expression evaluation... DDRprog uses a recurrent controller to jointly predict and execute modular neural programs that directly correspond to the underlying question logic; it explicitly forks subprocesses to handle logical branching. By effectively leveraging additional structural supervision, we achieve a large improvement over previous approaches in subtask consistency and a small improvement in overall accuracy. We further demonstrate the benefits of structural supervision in the RPN setting: the inclusion of a stack assumption in DDRstack allows our approach to generalize to long expressions where an LSTM fails the task. read more

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Results from the Paper

Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Result Benchmark
Visual Question Answering CLEVR DDRprog* Accuracy 98.3 # 8