LSTA: Long Short-Term Attention for Egocentric Action Recognition

Egocentric activity recognition is one of the most challenging tasks in video analysis. It requires a fine-grained discrimination of small objects and their manipulation. While some methods base on strong supervision and attention mechanisms, they are either annotation consuming or do not take spatio-temporal patterns into account. In this paper we propose LSTA as a mechanism to focus on features from spatial relevant parts while attention is being tracked smoothly across the video sequence. We demonstrate the effectiveness of LSTA on egocentric activity recognition with an end-to-end trainable two-stream architecture, achieving state of the art performance on four standard benchmarks.

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Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Result Benchmark
Egocentric Activity Recognition EGTEA LSTA Average Accuracy 61.9 # 5
Mean class accuracy - # 3
Egocentric Activity Recognition EPIC-KITCHENS-55 LSTA Actions Top-1 (S2) 16.63 # 7


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