One-shot action recognition in challenging therapy scenarios

One-shot action recognition aims to recognize new action categories from a single reference example, typically referred to as the anchor example. This work presents a novel approach for one-shot action recognition in the wild that computes motion representations robust to variable kinematic conditions. One-shot action recognition is then performed by evaluating anchor and target motion representations. We also develop a set of complementary steps that boost the action recognition performance in the most challenging scenarios. Our approach is evaluated on the public NTU-120 one-shot action recognition benchmark, outperforming previous action recognition models. Besides, we evaluate our framework on a real use-case of therapy with autistic people. These recordings are particularly challenging due to high-level artifacts from the patient motion. Our results provide not only quantitative but also online qualitative measures, essential for the patient evaluation and monitoring during the actual therapy.

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Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Result Benchmark
One-Shot 3D Action Recognition NTU RGB+D 120 TCN_OneShot Accuracy 46.5% # 3


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