One-Shot 3D Action Recognition

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Most implemented papers

NTU RGB+D 120: A Large-Scale Benchmark for 3D Human Activity Understanding

shahroudy/NTURGB-D 12 May 2019

Research on depth-based human activity analysis achieved outstanding performance and demonstrated the effectiveness of 3D representation for action recognition.

SL-DML: Signal Level Deep Metric Learning for Multimodal One-Shot Action Recognition

raphaelmemmesheimer/sl-dml 23 Apr 2020

Further, we show that our approach generalizes well in experiments on the UTD-MHAD dataset for inertial, skeleton and fused data and the Simitate dataset for motion capturing data.

Skeleton-DML: Deep Metric Learning for Skeleton-Based One-Shot Action Recognition

raphaelmemmesheimer/skeleton-dml 26 Dec 2020

One-shot action recognition allows the recognition of human-performed actions with only a single training example.

One-shot action recognition in challenging therapy scenarios

AlbertoSabater/Skeleton-based-One-shot-Action-Recognition 17 Feb 2021

We also develop a set of complementary steps that boost the action recognition performance in the most challenging scenarios.

MotionBERT: A Unified Perspective on Learning Human Motion Representations

Walter0807/MotionBERT ICCV 2023

We present a unified perspective on tackling various human-centric video tasks by learning human motion representations from large-scale and heterogeneous data resources.