Prototypical Networks for Few-shot Learning

NeurIPS 2017 Jake SnellKevin SwerskyRichard S. Zemel

We propose prototypical networks for the problem of few-shot classification, where a classifier must generalize to new classes not seen in the training set, given only a small number of examples of each new class. Prototypical networks learn a metric space in which classification can be performed by computing distances to prototype representations of each class... (read more)

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Task Dataset Model Metric name Metric value Global rank Compare
Few-Shot Image Classification CUB-200 - 0-Shot Learning Prototypical-Nets Accuracy 54.6% # 1
Few-Shot Image Classification Mini-ImageNet - 1-Shot Learning Prototypical-Nets + C64F feature extractor Accuracy 49.42% # 14
Few-Shot Image Classification Mini-ImageNet - 5-Shot Learning Prototypical-Nets + C64F feature extractor Accuracy 68.20% # 7
Few-Shot Image Classification OMNIGLOT - 1-Shot Learning Prototypical-Nets Accuracy 98.8% # 2
Few-Shot Image Classification OMNIGLOT - 5-Shot Learning Prototypical-Nets Accuracy 99.7% # 2