Visual Keyword Spotting with Attention

29 Oct 2021  ·  K R Prajwal, Liliane Momeni, Triantafyllos Afouras, Andrew Zisserman ·

In this paper, we consider the task of spotting spoken keywords in silent video sequences -- also known as visual keyword spotting. To this end, we investigate Transformer-based models that ingest two streams, a visual encoding of the video and a phonetic encoding of the keyword, and output the temporal location of the keyword if present. Our contributions are as follows: (1) We propose a novel architecture, the Transpotter, that uses full cross-modal attention between the visual and phonetic streams; (2) We show through extensive evaluations that our model outperforms the prior state-of-the-art visual keyword spotting and lip reading methods on the challenging LRW, LRS2, LRS3 datasets by a large margin; (3) We demonstrate the ability of our model to spot words under the extreme conditions of isolated mouthings in sign language videos.

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Results from the Paper

Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Result Benchmark
Visual Keyword Spotting LRS2 Transpotter Top-1 Accuracy 65 # 1
Top-5 Accuracy 87.1 # 1
mAP 69.2 # 1
mAP IOU@0.5 68.3 # 1
Visual Keyword Spotting LRS3-TED Transpotter Top-1 Accuracy 52 # 1
Top-5 Accuracy 77.1 # 1
mAP 55.4 # 1
mAP IOU@0.5 53.6 # 1
Visual Keyword Spotting LRW Transpotter Top-1 Accuracy 85.8 # 1
Top-5 Accuracy 99.6 # 1
mAP 64.1 # 1


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