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Modeling Scattering Coefficients using Self-Attentive Complex Polynomials with Image-based Representation

no code implementations6 Jan 2023 Andrew Cohen, Weiping Dou, Jiang Zhu, Slawomir Koziel, Peter Renner, Jan-Ove Mattsson, Xiaomeng Yang, Beidi Chen, Kevin Stone, Yuandong Tian

Finding antenna designs that satisfy frequency requirements and are also optimal with respect to multiple physical criteria is a critical component in designing next generation hardware.

Line Spectral Estimation via Unlimited Sampling

no code implementations28 Oct 2022 Qi Zhang, Jiang Zhu, Zhiwei Xu, De Wen Soh

Our numerical simulations show that for oversampling factor $\gamma\geq 10$, the US-LSE is more stable in a lower signal to noise scenario, in the range of $20\sim30$ dB, compared to the existing algorithm.

A Unitary Transform Based Generalized Approximate Message Passing

1 code implementation17 Oct 2022 Jiang Zhu, Xiangming Meng, Xupeng Lei, Qinghua Guo

We consider the problem of recovering an unknown signal ${\mathbf x}\in {\mathbb R}^n$ from general nonlinear measurements obtained through a generalized linear model (GLM), i. e., ${\mathbf y}= f\left({\mathbf A}{\mathbf x}+{\mathbf w}\right)$, where $f(\cdot)$ is a componentwise nonlinear function.

A Machine Learning Generative Method for Automating Antenna Design and Optimization

no code implementations28 Feb 2022 Yang Zhong, Peter Renner, Weiping Dou, Geng Ye, Jiang Zhu, Qing Huo Liu

For a dual resonance antenna design with wide bandwidth, our proposed method is in par with Trust Region Framework and much better than the other mature machine learning algorithms including the widely used Genetic Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization.

BIG-bench Machine Learning

R3L: Connecting Deep Reinforcement Learning to Recurrent Neural Networks for Image Denoising via Residual Recovery

no code implementations12 Jul 2021 Rongkai Zhang, Jiang Zhu, Zhiyuan Zha, Justin Dauwels, Bihan Wen

To benchmark the effectiveness of reinforcement learning in R3L, we train a recurrent neural network with the same architecture for residual recovery using the deterministic loss, thus to analyze how the two different training strategies affect the denoising performance.

Image Denoising Image Restoration +2

Newtonalized Orthogonal Matching Pursuit for Linear Frequency Modulated Pulse Frequency Agile Radar

no code implementations29 Jan 2021 Jiang Zhu, Honghui Guo, Ning Zhang, Chunyi Song, Zhiwei Xu

The linear frequency modulated (LFM) frequency agile radar (FAR) can synthesize a wide signal bandwidth through coherent processing while keeping the bandwidth of each pulse narrow.

Dark Confinement-Deconfinement Phase Transition: A Roadmap from Polyakov Loop Models to Gravitational Waves

no code implementations11 Jan 2021 Zhaofeng Kang, Shinya Matsuzaki, Jiang Zhu

We demonstrate that the PLMs with the Haar measure term, involving models successful in QCD with $N=3$, are potentially incompatible with the large $N$ scaling for the thermodynamical quantities and the latent heat at around the criticality of the FOPT reported from the lattice simulations.

High Energy Physics - Phenomenology High Energy Physics - Theory

Grid-less Variational Direction of Arrival Estimation in Heteroscedastic Noise Environment

no code implementations26 Dec 2019 Qi Zhang, Jiang Zhu, Yuantao Gu, Zhiwei Xu

This paper studies DOA in heteroscedastic noise (HN) environment, where the variance of noise is varied across the snapshots and the antennas.

Direction of Arrival Estimation

Gridless Multisnapshot Variational Line Spectral Estimation from Coarsely Quantized Samples

no code implementations20 Jun 2019 Ning Zhang, Jiang Zhu, Zhiwei Xu

Due to the increasing demand for low power and higher sampling rates, low resolution quantization for data acquisition has drawn great attention recently.


Gridless Variational Bayesian Channel Estimation for Antenna Array Systems with Low Resolution ADCs

1 code implementation3 Jun 2019 Jiang Zhu, Chao-Kai Wen, Jun Tong, Chongbin Xu, Shi Jin

Employing low-resolution analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) coupled with large antenna arrays at the receivers has drawn considerable interests in the millimeter wave (mm-wave) system.

Signal Processing Information Theory Information Theory

One-bit LFMCW Radar: Spectrum Analysis and Target Detection

no code implementations23 May 2019 Benzhou Jin, Jiang Zhu, Qihui Wu, Yuhong Zhang, Zhiwei Xu

It is shown that compared to the conventional radar applying linear processing methods, one-bit LFMCW radar has about $1. 3$ dB performance gain when the input signal-to-noise ratios (SNRs) of targets are low.

Dimensionality Reduction Quantization

Vector Approximate Message Passing Algorithm for Structured Perturbed Sensing Matrix

no code implementations26 Aug 2018 Jiang Zhu, Qi Zhang, Xiangming Meng, Zhiwei Xu

In this paper, we consider a general form of noisy compressive sensing (CS) where the sensing matrix is not precisely known.

Signal Processing

Variational Bayesian Line Spectral Estimation with Multiple Measurement Vectors

no code implementations17 Mar 2018 Jiang Zhu, Qi Zhang, Peter Gerstoft, Mihai-Alin Badiu, Zhiwei Xu

In this paper, the line spectral estimation (LSE) problem with multiple measurement vectors (MMVs) is studied utilizing the Bayesian methods.

Information Theory Information Theory

A Unified Bayesian Inference Framework for Generalized Linear Models

no code implementations29 Dec 2017 Xiangming Meng, Sheng Wu, Jiang Zhu

In this letter, we present a unified Bayesian inference framework for generalized linear models (GLM) which iteratively reduces the GLM problem to a sequence of standard linear model (SLM) problems.

Information Theory Information Theory

Mining Fashion Outfit Composition Using An End-to-End Deep Learning Approach on Set Data

no code implementations10 Aug 2016 Yuncheng Li, Liangliang Cao, Jiang Zhu, Jiebo Luo

The core of the proposed automatic composition system is to score fashion outfit candidates based on the appearances and meta-data.

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