3D Part Segmentation

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Segmenting 3D object parts

( Image credit: MeshCNN: A Network with an Edge )


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Large-Scale 3D Shape Reconstruction and Segmentation from ShapeNet Core55

facebookresearch/SparseConvNet 17 Oct 2017

We introduce a large-scale 3D shape understanding benchmark using data and annotation from ShapeNet 3D object database.

3D Part Segmentation 3D Reconstruction +1

Submanifold Sparse Convolutional Networks

facebookresearch/SparseConvNet 5 Jun 2017

Convolutional network are the de-facto standard for analysing spatio-temporal data such as images, videos, 3D shapes, etc.

Ranked #18 on 3D Part Segmentation on ShapeNet-Part (Instance Average IoU metric)

3D Part Segmentation

PointCNN: Convolution On $\mathcal{X}$-Transformed Points

yangyanli/PointCNN NeurIPS 2018

The proposed method is a generalization of typical CNNs to feature learning from point clouds, thus we call it PointCNN.

 Ranked #1 on 3D Instance Segmentation on S3DIS (mIoU metric)

3D Instance Segmentation 3D Part Segmentation +1

MeshCNN: A Network with an Edge

ranahanocka/MeshCNN 16 Sep 2018

In this paper, we utilize the unique properties of the mesh for a direct analysis of 3D shapes using MeshCNN, a convolutional neural network designed specifically for triangular meshes.

3D Part Segmentation Cube Engraving Classification

Dynamic Graph CNN for Learning on Point Clouds

WangYueFt/dgcnn 24 Jan 2018

Point clouds provide a flexible geometric representation suitable for countless applications in computer graphics; they also comprise the raw output of most 3D data acquisition devices.

3D Part Segmentation 3D Point Cloud Classification

PointConv: Deep Convolutional Networks on 3D Point Clouds

DylanWusee/pointconv CVPR 2019

Besides, our experiments converting CIFAR-10 into a point cloud showed that networks built on PointConv can match the performance of convolutional networks in 2D images of a similar structure.

3D Part Segmentation 3D Point Cloud Classification +1