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Elastic Functional Coding of Riemannian Trajectories

rushilanirudh/tsrvf 7 Mar 2016

We propose to learn an embedding such that each action trajectory is mapped to a single point in a low-dimensional Euclidean space, and the trajectories that differ only in temporal rates map to the same point.

Interpretable 3D Human Action Analysis with Temporal Convolutional Networks

TaeSoo-Kim/TCNActionRecognition 14 Apr 2017

In this work, we propose to use a new class of models known as Temporal Convolutional Neural Networks (TCN) for 3D human action recognition.

Investigation of Different Skeleton Features for CNN-based 3D Action Recognition

dzwallkilled/IEforAR 2 May 2017

The proposed method achieved state-of-the-art performance on NTU RGB+D dataset for 3D human action analysis.

EV-Action: Electromyography-Vision Multi-Modal Action Dataset

wanglichenxj/EV-Action-Electromyography-Vision-Multi-Modal-Action-Dataset 20 Apr 2019

To make up this, we introduce a new, large-scale EV-Action dataset in this work, which consists of RGB, depth, electromyography (EMG), and two skeleton modalities.

Explainable Video Action Reasoning via Prior Knowledge and State Transitions

visiontao/evar 28 Aug 2019

Finally, by sequentially examining each state transition in the video graph, our method can detect and explain how those actions are executed with prior knowledge, just like the logical manner of thinking by humans.

Adaptive Interaction Modeling via Graph Operations Search

lihaoxin05/graph-operations-search CVPR 2020

We propose to search the network structures with differentiable architecture search mechanism, which learns to construct adaptive structures for different videos to facilitate adaptive interaction modeling.

A Body Part Embedding Model With Datasets for Measuring 2D Human Motion Similarity

chico2121/bpe 2 Mar 2021

Furthermore, in order to compute the motion similarity from these datasets, we propose a deep learning model that produces motion embeddings suitable for measuring the similarity between different motions of each human body part.

LTC-GIF: Attracting More Clicks on Feature-length Sports Videos

iamgmujtaba/ltc-gif 22 Jan 2022

This paper proposes a lightweight method to attract users and increase views of the video by presenting personalized artistic media -- i. e, static thumbnails and animated GIFs.

Domain Knowledge-Informed Self-Supervised Representations for Workout Form Assessment

ParitoshParmar/Fitness-AQA 28 Feb 2022

To that end, we propose to learn exercise-oriented image and video representations from unlabeled samples such that a small dataset annotated by experts suffices for supervised error detection.

FT-HID: A Large Scale RGB-D Dataset for First and Third Person Human Interaction Analysis

endlichere/ft-hid 21 Sep 2022

It has been studied either using first person vision (FPV) or third person vision (TPV).