Activity Detection

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Detecting activities in extended videos.

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VAD-free Streaming Hybrid CTC/Attention ASR for Unsegmented Recording

no code yet • 15 Jul 2021

In this work, we propose novel decoding algorithms to enable streaming automatic speech recognition (ASR) on unsegmented long-form recordings without voice activity detection (VAD), based on monotonic chunkwise attention (MoChA) with an auxiliary connectionist temporal classification (CTC) objective.

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Joint Activity Detection, Channel Estimation, and Data Decoding for Grant-free Massive Random Access

no code yet • 12 Jul 2021

In particular, the common sparsity pattern in the received pilot and data signal has been ignored in most existing studies, and auxiliary information of channel decoding has not been utilized for user activity detection.

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Voice Activity Detection for Transient Noisy Environment Based on Diffusion Nets

no code yet • 25 Jun 2021

A deep neural network, which is trained to separate speech from non-speech frames, is obtained by concatenating the decoder to the encoder, resembling the known Diffusion nets architecture.

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Dealing with training and test segmentation mismatch: FBK@IWSLT2021

no code yet • 23 Jun 2021

Both knowledge distillation and the first fine-tuning step are carried out on manually segmented real and synthetic data, the latter being generated with an MT system trained on the available corpora.

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EML Online Speech Activity Detection for the Fearless Steps Challenge Phase-III

no code yet • 21 Jun 2021

Speech Activity Detection (SAD), locating speech segments within an audio recording, is a main part of most speech technology applications.

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Algorithm Unrolling for Massive Access via Deep Neural Network with Theoretical Guarantee

no code yet • 19 Jun 2021

Moreover, the proposed algorithm unrolling approach inherits the structure and domain knowledge of the ISTA, thereby maintaining the algorithm robustness, which can handle non-Gaussian preamble sequence matrix in massive access.

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JRDB-Act: A Large-scale Multi-modal Dataset for Spatio-temporal Action, Social Group and Activity Detection

no code yet • 16 Jun 2021

The availability of large-scale video action understanding datasets has facilitated advances in the interpretation of visual scenes containing people.

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Joint Channel Estimation and Device Activity Detection in Heterogeneous Networks

no code yet • 27 May 2021

Internet of Things (IoT) has triggered a rapid increase in the number of connected devices and new use cases of wireless communications.

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Accelerating Coordinate Descent via Active Set Selection for Device Activity Detection for Multi-Cell Massive Random Access

no code yet • 27 Apr 2021

Specifically, at each iteration, the proposed active set CD algorithm first selects a small subset of all devices, namely the active set, which contains a few devices that contribute the most to the deviation from the first-order optimality condition of the MLE problem thus potentially can provide the most improvement to the objective function, then applies the CD algorithm to perform the detection for the devices in the active set.

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Joint Activity Detection and Data Decoding in Massive Random Access via a Turbo Receiver

no code yet • 26 Apr 2021

In this paper, we propose a turbo receiver for joint activity detection and data decoding in grant-free massive random access, which iterates between a detector and a belief propagation (BP)-based channel decoder.

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