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Intelligence as information processing: brains, swarms, and computers

no code yet • 9 Aug 2021

There is no agreed definition of intelligence, so it is problematic to simply ask whether brains, swarms, computers, or other systems are intelligent or not.

Artificial Life

SignalGP-Lite: Event Driven Genetic Programming Library for Large-Scale Artificial Life Applications

no code yet • 1 Aug 2021

Event-driven genetic programming representations have been shown to outperform traditional imperative representations on interaction-intensive problems.

Artificial Life Program Synthesis

Artificial life: sustainable self-replicating systems

no code yet • 27 May 2021

Nature has found one method of organizing living matter, but maybe other options exist -- not yet discovered -- on how to create life.

Artificial Life

Emergence in artificial life

no code yet • 30 Apr 2021

It can be said that life emerges from the interactions of complex molecules.

Artificial Life

ALF -- A Fitness-Based Artificial Life Form for Evolving Large-Scale Neural Networks

no code yet • 16 Apr 2021

Machine Learning (ML) is becoming increasingly important in daily life.

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Increased Complexity and Fitness of Artificial Cells that Reproduce Using Spatially Distributed Asynchronous Parallel Processes

no code yet • 15 Mar 2021

Replication time is among the most important components of a bacterial cell's reproductive fitness.

Artificial Life

Emergence of Self-Reproducing Metabolisms as Recursive Algorithms in an Artificial Chemistry

no code yet • 15 Mar 2021

One of the main goals of Artificial Life is to research the conditions for the emergence of life, not necessarily as it is, but as it could be.

Artificial Life

Self-Organizing Intelligent Matter: A blueprint for an AI generating algorithm

no code yet • 19 Jan 2021

We propose an artificial life framework aimed at facilitating the emergence of intelligent organisms.

Artificial Life

Qualities, challenges and future of genetic algorithms: a literature review

no code yet • 5 Nov 2020

This compiling review aims at informing practitioners and newcomers in the field alike in their genetic algorithm research, and at outlining promising avenues for future research.

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