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Chatbot or conversational AI is a language model designed and implemented to have conversations with humans.

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End-to-End Task-Completion Neural Dialogue Systems

MiuLab/TC-Bot IJCNLP 2017

One of the major drawbacks of modularized task-completion dialogue systems is that each module is trained individually, which presents several challenges.

Visual Dialog

batra-mlp-lab/visdial-amt-chat CVPR 2017

We introduce the task of Visual Dialog, which requires an AI agent to hold a meaningful dialog with humans in natural, conversational language about visual content.

QLoRA: Efficient Finetuning of Quantized LLMs

artidoro/qlora 23 May 2023

Our best model family, which we name Guanaco, outperforms all previous openly released models on the Vicuna benchmark, reaching 99. 3% of the performance level of ChatGPT while only requiring 24 hours of finetuning on a single GPU.

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Dialogue Generation

liuyuemaicha/Deep-Reinforcement-Learning-for-Dialogue-Generation-in-tensorflow EMNLP 2016

Recent neural models of dialogue generation offer great promise for generating responses for conversational agents, but tend to be shortsighted, predicting utterances one at a time while ignoring their influence on future outcomes.

Recipes for building an open-domain chatbot

facebookresearch/ParlAI EACL 2021

Building open-domain chatbots is a challenging area for machine learning research.

Subword Semantic Hashing for Intent Classification on Small Datasets

kumar-shridhar/Know-Your-Intent 16 Oct 2018

In this paper, we introduce the use of Semantic Hashing as embedding for the task of Intent Classification and achieve state-of-the-art performance on three frequently used benchmarks.

PLATO-2: Towards Building an Open-Domain Chatbot via Curriculum Learning

PaddlePaddle/Knover Findings (ACL) 2021

To build a high-quality open-domain chatbot, we introduce the effective training process of PLATO-2 via curriculum learning.

Don't Forget Your ABC's: Evaluating the State-of-the-Art in Chat-Oriented Dialogue Systems

emora-chat/chatevaluationplatform 18 Dec 2022

Our method is used to evaluate four state-of-the-art open-domain dialogue systems and compared with existing approaches.

Baize: An Open-Source Chat Model with Parameter-Efficient Tuning on Self-Chat Data

project-baize/baize-chatbot 3 Apr 2023

Furthermore, we propose a new technique called Self-Distill with Feedback, to further improve the performance of the Baize models with feedback from ChatGPT.

Multi-Turn Response Selection for Chatbots with Deep Attention Matching Network

baidu/Dialogue ACL 2018

Human generates responses relying on semantic and functional dependencies, including coreference relation, among dialogue elements and their context.