Dialogue Generation

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Dialogue Generation is a fundamental component for real-world virtual assistants such as Siri and Alexa. It is the text generation task that automatically generate a response given a post by the user.

Source: Adversarial Attacks on Deep Learning Models in Natural Language Processing: A Survey

Greatest papers with code

Controlling Style in Generated Dialogue

facebookresearch/ParlAI 22 Sep 2020

Open-domain conversation models have become good at generating natural-sounding dialogue, using very large architectures with billions of trainable parameters.

Dialogue Generation

Wizard of Wikipedia: Knowledge-Powered Conversational agents

facebookresearch/ParlAI ICLR 2019

In open-domain dialogue intelligent agents should exhibit the use of knowledge, however there are few convincing demonstrations of this to date.

Dialogue Generation

Towards Empathetic Open-domain Conversation Models: a New Benchmark and Dataset

facebookresearch/ParlAI ACL 2019

One challenge for dialogue agents is recognizing feelings in the conversation partner and replying accordingly, a key communicative skill.

Dialogue Generation

Personalizing Dialogue Agents: I have a dog, do you have pets too?

facebookresearch/ParlAI ACL 2018

Chit-chat models are known to have several problems: they lack specificity, do not display a consistent personality and are often not very captivating.

Dialogue Generation

ERNIE-GEN: An Enhanced Multi-Flow Pre-training and Fine-tuning Framework for Natural Language Generation

PaddlePaddle/ERNIE 26 Jan 2020

Current pre-training works in natural language generation pay little attention to the problem of exposure bias on downstream tasks.

 Ranked #1 on Text Summarization on GigaWord-10k (using extra training data)

Abstractive Text Summarization Dialogue Generation +2

Teaching Machines to Converse

facebook/MemNN 31 Jan 2020

The ability of a machine to communicate with humans has long been associated with the general success of AI.

Dialogue Generation Question Answering

PLATO: Pre-trained Dialogue Generation Model with Discrete Latent Variable

PaddlePaddle/PaddleNLP ACL 2020

Pre-training models have been proved effective for a wide range of natural language processing tasks.

Dialogue Generation Question Answering

TransferTransfo: A Transfer Learning Approach for Neural Network Based Conversational Agents

huggingface/transfer-learning-conv-ai 23 Jan 2019

We introduce a new approach to generative data-driven dialogue systems (e. g. chatbots) called TransferTransfo which is a combination of a Transfer learning based training scheme and a high-capacity Transformer model.

Dialogue Generation Information Retrieval +1

Relevance of Unsupervised Metrics in Task-Oriented Dialogue for Evaluating Natural Language Generation

Maluuba/nlg-eval ICLR 2018

However, previous work in dialogue response generation has shown that these metrics do not correlate strongly with human judgment in the non task-oriented dialogue setting.

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