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Reducing Annotation Need in Self-Explanatory Models for Lung Nodule Diagnosis

diku-dk/credanno 27 Jun 2022

Visualisation of the learned space further indicates that the correlation between the clustering of malignancy and nodule attributes coincides with clinical knowledge.

Knowledge-based Analysis for Mortality Prediction from CT Images

DIAL-RPI/KAMP-Net 20 Feb 2019

Recent studies have highlighted the high correlation between cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and lung cancer, and both are associated with significant morbidity and mortality.

Snomed2Vec: Random Walk and Poincaré Embeddings of a Clinical Knowledge Base for Healthcare Analytics

agarwal.khushbu/Snomed2Vec 19 Jul 2019

Representation learning methods that transform encoded data (e. g., diagnosis and drug codes) into continuous vector spaces (i. e., vector embeddings) are critical for the application of deep learning in healthcare.

Estimation of Causal Effects in the Presence of Unobserved Confounding in the Alzheimer's Continuum

ai-med/causal-effects-in-alzheimers-continuum 23 Jun 2020

We derive a causal graph from the current clinical knowledge on cause and effect in the Alzheimer's disease continuum, and show that identifiability of the causal effect requires all confounders to be known and measured.

Encoding Clinical Priori in 3D Convolutional Neural Networks for Prostate Cancer Detection in bpMRI

DIAGNijmegen/prostateMR_3D-CAD-csPCa 31 Oct 2020

We hypothesize that anatomical priors can be viable mediums to infuse domain-specific clinical knowledge into state-of-the-art convolutional neural networks (CNN) based on the U-Net architecture.

End-to-end Prostate Cancer Detection in bpMRI via 3D CNNs: Effects of Attention Mechanisms, Clinical Priori and Decoupled False Positive Reduction

DIAGNijmegen/prostateMR_3D-CAD-csPCa 8 Jan 2021

We present a multi-stage 3D computer-aided detection and diagnosis (CAD) model for automated localization of clinically significant prostate cancer (csPCa) in bi-parametric MR imaging (bpMRI).

Unifying Cardiovascular Modelling with Deep Reinforcement Learning for Uncertainty Aware Control of Sepsis Treatment

thxsxth/POMDP_RLSepsis 21 Jan 2021

Sepsis is a potentially life threatening inflammatory response to infection or severe tissue damage.

Finding Regions of Heterogeneity in Decision-Making via Expected Conditional Covariance

clinicalml/finding-decision-heterogeneity-regions NeurIPS 2021

Individuals often make different decisions when faced with the same context, due to personal preferences and background.

Clinical-Longformer and Clinical-BigBird: Transformers for long clinical sequences

luoyuanlab/clinical-longformer 27 Jan 2022

To overcome this, long sequence transformer models, e. g. Longformer and BigBird, were proposed with the idea of sparse attention mechanism to reduce the memory usage from quadratic to the sequence length to a linear scale.

Auto-Gait: Automatic Ataxia Risk Assessment with Computer Vision on Gait Task Videos

masum06/automated-ataxia-gait 15 Mar 2022

In this paper, we investigated whether we can 1) detect participants with ataxia-specific gait characteristics (risk-prediction), and 2) assess severity of ataxia from gait (severity-assessment) using computer vision.