Community Question Answering

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Community question answering is the task of answering questions on a Q&A forum or board, such as Stack Overflow or Quora.

Most implemented papers

Predicting Subjective Features of Questions of QA Websites using BERT

Moradnejad/Predicting-Subjective-Features-on-QA-Websites ICWR 2020

Community Question-Answering websites, such as StackOverflow and Quora, expect users to follow specific guidelines in order to maintain content quality.

Fact Checking in Community Forums

qcri/QLFactChecking 8 Mar 2018

Community Question Answering (cQA) forums are very popular nowadays, as they represent effective means for communities around particular topics to share information.

Community Question Answering Entity Linking via Leveraging Auxiliary Data

yhleeee/cqa_entitylinking 24 May 2022

Community Question Answering (CQA) platforms contain plenty of CQA texts (i. e., questions and answers corresponding to the question) where named entities appear ubiquitously.

Incorporating Label Dependency for Answer Quality Tagging in Community Question Answering via CNN-LSTM-CRF

o0laika0o/CNN-LSTM-CRF-for-cQA-answer-tagging COLING 2016

In community question answering (cQA), the quality of answers are determined by the matching degree between question-answer pairs and the correlation among the answers.

IIT-UHH at SemEval-2017 Task 3: Exploring Multiple Features for Community Question Answering and Implicit Dialogue Identification

TitasNandi/cQARank SEMEVAL 2017

In this paper we present the system for Answer Selection and Ranking in Community Question Answering, which we build as part of our participation in SemEval-2017 Task 3.

Do Not Trust the Trolls: Predicting Credibility in Community Question Answering Forums

cqa-credibility/cqa-credibility-corpus RANLP 2017

We address information credibility in community forums, in a setting in which the credibility of an answer posted in a question thread by a particular user has to be predicted.

Fully Automated Fact Checking Using External Sources

gkaradzhov/FactcheckingRANLP RANLP 2017

Given the constantly growing proliferation of false claims online in recent years, there has been also a growing research interest in automatically distinguishing false rumors from factually true claims.

QDEE: Question Difficulty and Expertise Estimation in Community Question Answering Sites

zhenv5/QDEE 31 Mar 2018

We also propose a model to route newly posted questions to appropriate users based on the difficulty level of the question and the expertise of the user.