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Community Question Answering

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Subtask of Question Answering

Community question answering is the task of answering questions on a Q&A forum or board, such as Stack Overflow or Quora.

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Fact Checking in Community Forums

8 Mar 2018qcri/QLFactChecking

Community Question Answering (cQA) forums are very popular nowadays, as they represent effective means for communities around particular topics to share information. Unfortunately, this information is not always factual.


Fully Automated Fact Checking Using External Sources

RANLP 2017 gkaradzhov/FactcheckingRANLP

Given the constantly growing proliferation of false claims online in recent years, there has been also a growing research interest in automatically distinguishing false rumors from factually true claims. Here, we propose a general-purpose framework for fully-automatic fact checking using external sources, tapping the potential of the entire Web as a knowledge source to confirm or reject a claim.


QDEE: Question Difficulty and Expertise Estimation in Community Question Answering Sites

31 Mar 2018zhenv5/QDEE

This problem domain has been the subject of much research and includes both language-agnostic as well as language conscious solutions. We also propose a model to route newly posted questions to appropriate users based on the difficulty level of the question and the expertise of the user.


Identifying Unclear Questions in Community Question Answering Websites

18 Jan 2019jantrienes/ecir2019-qac

Thousands of complex natural language questions are submitted to community question answering websites on a daily basis, rendering them as one of the most important information sources these days. However, oftentimes submitted questions are unclear and cannot be answered without further clarification questions by expert community members.