Conditional Text Generation

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The task of generating text according to some pre-specified conditioning (e.g. topic or sentiment)

Most implemented papers

Pragmatically Informative Text Generation

sIncerass/prag_generation NAACL 2019

We improve the informativeness of models for conditional text generation using techniques from computational pragmatics.

Extract, Denoise and Enforce: Evaluating and Improving Concept Preservation for Text-to-Text Generation

morningmoni/ede EMNLP 2021

In this paper, we present a systematic analysis that studies whether current seq2seq models, especially pre-trained language models, are good enough for preserving important input concepts and to what extent explicitly guiding generation with the concepts as lexical constraints is beneficial.

Generating Text through Adversarial Training using Skip-Thought Vectors

afrozas/skip-thought-gan NAACL 2019

Attempts have been made to utilize GANs with word embeddings for text generation.

Encoder-Agnostic Adaptation for Conditional Language Generation

harvardnlp/encoder-agnostic-adaptation 19 Aug 2019

Large pretrained language models have changed the way researchers approach discriminative natural language understanding tasks, leading to the dominance of approaches that adapt a pretrained model for arbitrary downstream tasks.

Pre-train and Plug-in: Flexible Conditional Text Generation with Variational Auto-Encoders


Conditional Text Generation has drawn much attention as a topic of Natural Language Generation (NLG) which provides the possibility for humans to control the properties of generated contents.

ToTTo: A Controlled Table-To-Text Generation Dataset

google-research-datasets/ToTTo EMNLP 2020

We present ToTTo, an open-domain English table-to-text dataset with over 120, 000 training examples that proposes a controlled generation task: given a Wikipedia table and a set of highlighted table cells, produce a one-sentence description.

Token Manipulation Generative Adversarial Network for Text Generation

twidddj/tokmangan 6 May 2020

MaskGAN opens the query for the conditional language model by filling in the blanks between the given tokens.

ETC-NLG: End-to-end Topic-Conditioned Natural Language Generation

gsarti/ETC-NLG 25 Aug 2020

We first test the effectiveness of our approach in a low-resource setting for Italian, evaluating the conditioning for both topic models and gold annotations.

Plug and Play Autoencoders for Conditional Text Generation

florianmai/emb2emb EMNLP 2020

Text autoencoders are commonly used for conditional generation tasks such as style transfer.

On Long-Tailed Phenomena in Neural Machine Translation

vyraun/long-tailed Findings of the Association for Computational Linguistics 2020

State-of-the-art Neural Machine Translation (NMT) models struggle with generating low-frequency tokens, tackling which remains a major challenge.