Decision Making

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Decision Making is a complex task that involves analyzing data (of different level of abstraction) from disparate sources and with different levels of certainty, merging the information by weighing in on some data source more than other, and arriving at a conclusion by exploring all possible alternatives.

Source: Complex Events Recognition under Uncertainty in a Sensor Network


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Most implemented papers

Soft Actor-Critic Algorithms and Applications

rail-berkeley/softlearning 13 Dec 2018

A fork of OpenAI Baselines, implementations of reinforcement learning algorithms

Relational inductive biases, deep learning, and graph networks

deepmind/graph_nets 4 Jun 2018

As a companion to this paper, we have released an open-source software library for building graph networks, with demonstrations of how to use them in practice.

Bayesian SegNet: Model Uncertainty in Deep Convolutional Encoder-Decoder Architectures for Scene Understanding

alexgkendall/caffe-segnet 9 Nov 2015

Semantic segmentation is an important tool for visual scene understanding and a meaningful measure of uncertainty is essential for decision making.

TabNet: Attentive Interpretable Tabular Learning

google-research/google-research 20 Aug 2019

We propose a novel high-performance and interpretable canonical deep tabular data learning architecture, TabNet.

AI Fairness 360: An Extensible Toolkit for Detecting, Understanding, and Mitigating Unwanted Algorithmic Bias

IBM/AIF360 3 Oct 2018

Such architectural design and abstractions enable researchers and developers to extend the toolkit with their new algorithms and improvements, and to use it for performance benchmarking.

A Probabilistic U-Net for Segmentation of Ambiguous Images

SimonKohl/probabilistic_unet NeurIPS 2018

To this end we propose a generative segmentation model based on a combination of a U-Net with a conditional variational autoencoder that is capable of efficiently producing an unlimited number of plausible hypotheses.

Score-CAM: Score-Weighted Visual Explanations for Convolutional Neural Networks

haofanwang/Score-CAM 3 Oct 2019

Recently, increasing attention has been drawn to the internal mechanisms of convolutional neural networks, and the reason why the network makes specific decisions.

Learning Robust Rewards with Adversarial Inverse Reinforcement Learning

Kaixhin/imitation-learning 30 Oct 2017

Reinforcement learning provides a powerful and general framework for decision making and control, but its application in practice is often hindered by the need for extensive feature and reward engineering.

Brain Tumor Segmentation and Radiomics Survival Prediction: Contribution to the BRATS 2017 Challenge

pykao/Modified-3D-UNet-Pytorch 28 Feb 2018

Quantitative analysis of brain tumors is critical for clinical decision making.