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Deep Learning on EDGE devices


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TransVisDrone: Spatio-Temporal Transformer for Vision-based Drone-to-Drone Detection in Aerial Videos

tusharsangam/transvisdrone 16 Oct 2022

Drone-to-drone detection using visual feed has crucial applications, such as detecting drone collisions, detecting drone attacks, or coordinating flight with other drones.

Decentralized Computation Offloading for Multi-User Mobile Edge Computing: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach

swordest/mec_drl 16 Dec 2018

Numerical results are illustrated to demonstrate that efficient policies can be learned at each user, and performance of the proposed DDPG based decentralized strategy outperforms the conventional deep Q-network (DQN) based discrete power control strategy and some other greedy strategies with reduced computation cost.

On the Convergence of FedAvg on Non-IID Data

lx10077/fedavgpy ICLR 2020

In this paper, we analyze the convergence of \texttt{FedAvg} on non-iid data and establish a convergence rate of $\mathcal{O}(\frac{1}{T})$ for strongly convex and smooth problems, where $T$ is the number of SGDs.

Distilled Split Deep Neural Networks for Edge-Assisted Real-Time Systems

yoshitomo-matsubara/head-network-distillation 1 Oct 2019

Offloading the execution of complex Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) models to compute-capable devices at the network edge, that is, edge servers, can significantly reduce capture-to-output delay.

Scientific Image Restoration Anywhere

lzhengchun/TomoGAN 12 Nov 2019

We explore this question by evaluating the performance and accuracy of a scientific image restoration model, for which both model input and output are images, on edge computing devices.

Graph Markov Network for Traffic Forecasting with Missing Data

zhiyongc/Graph-Markov-Network 10 Dec 2019

Although missing values can be imputed, existing data imputation methods normally need long-term historical traffic state data.

Split Computing for Complex Object Detectors: Challenges and Preliminary Results

yoshitomo-matsubara/hnd-ghnd-object-detectors 27 Jul 2020

Following the trends of mobile and edge computing for DNN models, an intermediate option, split computing, has been attracting attentions from the research community.

Neural Compression and Filtering for Edge-assisted Real-time Object Detection in Challenged Networks

yoshitomo-matsubara/hnd-ghnd-object-detectors 31 Jul 2020

However, poor conditions of the wireless channel connecting the mobile devices to the edge servers may degrade the overall capture-to-output delay achieved by edge offloading.

Head Network Distillation: Splitting Distilled Deep Neural Networks for Resource-Constrained Edge Computing Systems

yoshitomo-matsubara/head-network-distillation 20 Nov 2020

In this paper, we propose to modify the structure and training process of DNN models for complex image classification tasks to achieve in-network compression in the early network layers.

Systolic-CNN: An OpenCL-defined Scalable Run-time-flexible FPGA Accelerator Architecture for Accelerating Convolutional Neural Network Inference in Cloud/Edge Computing

PSCLab-ASU/Systolic-CNN 6 Dec 2020

Systolic-CNN is also run-time-flexible in the context of multi-tenancy cloud/edge computing, which can be time-shared to accelerate a variety of CNN models at run time without the need of recompiling the FPGA kernel hardware nor reprogramming the FPGA.