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DeepCoder: Learning to Write Programs

HiroakiMikami/deep-coder 7 Nov 2016

We develop a first line of attack for solving programming competition-style problems from input-output examples using deep learning.

TF-Coder: Program Synthesis for Tensor Manipulations

google-research/tensorflow-coder NeurIPS Workshop CAP 2020

The success and popularity of deep learning is on the rise, partially due to powerful deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow and PyTorch that make it easier to develop deep learning models.

SQUARES: A SQL Synthesizer Using Query Reverse Engineering

squares-sql/squares 31 Aug 2020

As a result, many of them can provide examples of data transformations but are unable to produce the desired query.

From Examples to Rules: Neural Guided Rule Synthesis for Information Extraction

clulab/releases LREC 2022

While deep learning approaches to information extraction have had many successes, they can be difficult to augment or maintain as needs shift.