Face Detection

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Face detection is the task of detecting faces in a photo or video (and distinguishing them from other objects).

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Sample and Computation Redistribution for Efficient Face Detection

deepinsight/insightface 10 May 2021

Although tremendous strides have been made in uncontrolled face detection, efficient face detection with a low computation cost as well as high precision remains an open challenge.

Face Detection

PyramidBox: A Context-assisted Single Shot Face Detector

PaddlePaddle/models ECCV 2018

This paper proposes a novel context-assisted single shot face detector, named \emph{PyramidBox} to handle the hard face detection problem.

Face Detection

Real-time Convolutional Neural Networks for Emotion and Gender Classification

oarriaga/face_classification 20 Oct 2017

In this paper we propose an implement a general convolutional neural network (CNN) building framework for designing real-time CNNs.

Emotion Classification Face Detection +2

Object Detection with Pixel Intensity Comparisons Organized in Decision Trees

esimov/pigo 20 May 2013

We describe a method for visual object detection based on an ensemble of optimized decision trees organized in a cascade of rejectors.

Face Detection Object Detection +1

DSFD: Dual Shot Face Detector

Tencent/FaceDetection-DSFD CVPR 2019

In this paper, we propose a novel face detection network with three novel contributions that address three key aspects of face detection, including better feature learning, progressive loss design and anchor assign based data augmentation, respectively.

Data Augmentation Face Detection

LFFD: A Light and Fast Face Detector for Edge Devices

osmr/imgclsmob 24 Apr 2019

Under the new schema, the proposed method can achieve superior accuracy (WIDER FACE Val/Test -- Easy: 0. 910/0. 896, Medium: 0. 881/0. 865, Hard: 0. 780/0. 770; FDDB -- discontinuous: 0. 973, continuous: 0. 724).

Face Detection

Masked Face Recognition Dataset and Application

X-zhangyang/Real-World-Masked-Face-Dataset 20 Mar 2020

These datasets are freely available to industry and academia, based on which various applications on masked faces can be developed.

Face Detection Face Recognition

RNNPool: Efficient Non-linear Pooling for RAM Constrained Inference

Microsoft/EdgeML NeurIPS 2020

Standard Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) designed for computer vision tasks tend to have large intermediate activation maps.

Face Detection Image Classification

Finding Tiny Faces

peiyunh/tiny CVPR 2017

We explore three aspects of the problem in the context of finding small faces: the role of scale invariance, image resolution, and contextual reasoning.

Face Detection Object Recognition