Facial Editing

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Pivotal Tuning for Latent-based Editing of Real Images

danielroich/PTI 10 Jun 2021

The key idea is pivotal tuning - a brief training process that preserves the editing quality of an in-domain latent region, while changing its portrayed identity and appearance.

Neural Face Editing with Intrinsic Image Disentangling

zhixinshu/NeuralFaceEditing CVPR 2017

Traditional face editing methods often require a number of sophisticated and task specific algorithms to be applied one after the other --- a process that is tedious, fragile, and computationally intensive.

E4S: Fine-grained Face Swapping via Editing With Regional GAN Inversion

e4s2024/e4s2024 23 Oct 2023

Based on this disentanglement, face swapping can be simplified as style and mask swapping.

Talk-to-Edit: Fine-Grained Facial Editing via Dialog

yumingj/talk-to-edit ICCV 2021

In this work, we propose Talk-to-Edit, an interactive facial editing framework that performs fine-grained attribute manipulation through dialog between the user and the system.

SemanticStyleGAN: Learning Compositional Generative Priors for Controllable Image Synthesis and Editing

seasonSH/SemanticStyleGAN CVPR 2022

When combined with editing methods designed for StyleGANs, it can achieve a more fine-grained control to edit synthesized or real images.

Stitch it in Time: GAN-Based Facial Editing of Real Videos

rotemtzaban/STIT 20 Jan 2022

The ability of Generative Adversarial Networks to encode rich semantics within their latent space has been widely adopted for facial image editing.

StyleHEAT: One-Shot High-Resolution Editable Talking Face Generation via Pre-trained StyleGAN

FeiiYin/StyleHEAT 8 Mar 2022

Our framework elevates the resolution of the synthesized talking face to 1024*1024 for the first time, even though the training dataset has a lower resolution.

TransEditor: Transformer-Based Dual-Space GAN for Highly Controllable Facial Editing

billyxyb/transeditor CVPR 2022

In this study, we highlight the importance of interaction in a dual-space GAN for more controllable editing.

Detecting and Recovering Sequential DeepFake Manipulation

rshaojimmy/seqdeepfake 5 Jul 2022

Moreover, we build a comprehensive benchmark and set up rigorous evaluation protocols and metrics for this new research problem.

Robust Sequential DeepFake Detection

rshaojimmy/seqdeepfake 26 Sep 2023

However, existing methods only focus on detecting one-step facial manipulation.