Gaze Estimation

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Gaze Estimation is a task to predict where a person is looking at given the person’s full face. The task contains two directions: 3-D gaze vector and 2-D gaze position estimation. 3-D gaze vector estimation is to predict the gaze vector, which is usually used in the automotive safety. 2-D gaze position estimation is to predict the horizontal and vertical coordinates on a 2-D screen, which allows utilizing gaze point to control a cursor for human-machine interaction.

Source: A Generalized and Robust Method Towards Practical Gaze Estimation on Smart Phone

Greatest papers with code

Fine-Grained Head Pose Estimation Without Keypoints

natanielruiz/deep-head-pose 2 Oct 2017

Estimating the head pose of a person is a crucial problem that has a large amount of applications such as aiding in gaze estimation, modeling attention, fitting 3D models to video and performing face alignment.

Ranked #4 on Head Pose Estimation on BIWI (MAE (trained with BIWI data) metric)

Face Alignment Gaze Estimation +1

Pupil: An Open Source Platform for Pervasive Eye Tracking and Mobile Gaze-based Interaction

pupil-labs/pupil 30 Apr 2014

Commercial head-mounted eye trackers provide useful features to customers in industry and research but are expensive and rely on closed source hardware and software.

Eye Tracking Gaze Estimation

Eye Tracking for Everyone

CSAILVision/GazeCapture CVPR 2016

We believe that we can put the power of eye tracking in everyone's palm by building eye tracking software that works on commodity hardware such as mobile phones and tablets, without the need for additional sensors or devices.

Eye Tracking Gaze Estimation

Learning from Simulated and Unsupervised Images through Adversarial Training

carpedm20/simulated-unsupervised-tensorflow CVPR 2017

With recent progress in graphics, it has become more tractable to train models on synthetic images, potentially avoiding the need for expensive annotations.

Domain Adaptation Gaze Estimation +2

Deep Pictorial Gaze Estimation

swook/GazeML ECCV 2018

In this paper, we introduce a novel deep neural network architecture specifically designed for the task of gaze estimation from single eye input.

Gaze Estimation

RT-BENE: A Dataset and Baselines for Real-Time Blink Estimation in Natural Environments

Tobias-Fischer/rt_gene IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision Workshops 2019

We further incorporate our proposed RT-BENE baselines in the recently presented RT-GENE gaze estimation framework where it provides a real-time inference of the openness of the eyes.

Blink estimation Gaze Estimation +2

RT-GENE: Real-Time Eye Gaze Estimation in Natural Environments

Tobias-Fischer/rt_gene ECCV 2018

We first record a novel dataset of varied gaze and head pose images in a natural environment, addressing the issue of ground truth annotation by measuring head pose using a motion capture system and eye gaze using mobile eyetracking glasses.

Gaze Estimation Image Inpainting +1

Few-Shot Adaptive Gaze Estimation

NVlabs/few_shot_gaze ICCV 2019

Inter-personal anatomical differences limit the accuracy of person-independent gaze estimation networks.

 Ranked #1 on Gaze Estimation on MPII Gaze (using extra training data)

Gaze Estimation Meta-Learning

MPIIGaze: Real-World Dataset and Deep Appearance-Based Gaze Estimation

hysts/pytorch_mpiigaze 24 Nov 2017

Second, we present an extensive evaluation of state-of-the-art gaze estimation methods on three current datasets, including MPIIGaze.

Gaze Estimation

It's Written All Over Your Face: Full-Face Appearance-Based Gaze Estimation

hysts/pytorch_mpiigaze 27 Nov 2016

Eye gaze is an important non-verbal cue for human affect analysis.

Gaze Estimation