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Real-time Convolutional Neural Networks for Emotion and Gender Classification

oarriaga/face_classification 20 Oct 2017

In this paper we propose an implement a general convolutional neural network (CNN) building framework for designing real-time CNNs.

Emotion Classification Face Detection +2

Rank consistent ordinal regression for neural networks with application to age estimation

Raschka-research-group/coral-cnn 20 Jan 2019

In many real-world prediction tasks, class labels include information about the relative ordering between labels, which is not captured by commonly-used loss functions such as multi-category cross-entropy.

Age And Gender Classification Age Estimation +2

A Large-Scale Rich Context Query and Recommendation Dataset in Online Knowledge-Sharing

THUIR/ZhihuRec-Dataset 11 Jun 2021

To the best of our knowledge, this is the largest real-world interaction dataset for personalized recommendation.

Gender Prediction Platform

Increasingly Packing Multiple Facial-Informatics Modules in A Unified Deep-Learning Model via Lifelong Learning

ivclab/CPG Proceedings of the 2019 on International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval 2019

Simultaneously running multiple modules is a key requirement for a smart multimedia system for facial applications including face recognition, facial expression understanding, and gender identification.

 Ranked #1 on Gender Prediction on FotW Gender (using extra training data)

Age And Gender Classification Continual Learning +4

Deep Learning for ECG Analysis: Benchmarks and Insights from PTB-XL

helme/ecg_ptbxl_benchmarking 28 Apr 2020

Electrocardiography is a very common, non-invasive diagnostic procedure and its interpretation is increasingly supported by automatic interpretation algorithms.

Gender Prediction Transfer Learning

Modeling the Temporal Nature of Human Behavior for Demographics Prediction

yvesalexandre/convnet-metadata 20 Nov 2015

Mobile phone metadata is increasingly used for humanitarian purposes in developing countries as traditional data is scarce.

Gender Prediction

Mitigating Gender Bias in Captioning Systems

datamllab/Mitigating_Gender_Bias_In_Captioning_System 15 Jun 2020

Image captioning has made substantial progress with huge supporting image collections sourced from the web.

Gender Prediction Image Captioning

Identity-Aware Multi-Sentence Video Description

jamespark3922/lsmdc-fillin ECCV 2020

This auxiliary task allows us to propose a two-stage approach to Identity-Aware Video Description.

Gender Prediction Video Description

Celebrity Profiling

webis-de/acl-19 ACL 2019

Celebrities are among the most prolific users of social media, promoting their personas and rallying followers.

Gender Prediction Occupation prediction +1