Graphon Estimation

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Most implemented papers

On semidefinite relaxations for the block model

aaamini/SBM-SDP 21 Jun 2014

We put ours and previously proposed SDPs in a unified framework, as relaxations of the MLE over various sub-classes of the SBM, revealing a connection to sparse PCA.

Estimating network edge probabilities by neighborhood smoothing

y-zhang-hf/NeighborhoodSmoothing 29 Sep 2015

The estimation of probabilities of network edges from the observed adjacency matrix has important applications to predicting missing links and network denoising.

Graphon Estimation from Partially Observed Network Data

sayaksc/Neighbourhood-Smoothing-Extended 2 Jun 2019

We consider estimating the edge-probability matrix of a network generated from a graphon model when the full network is not observed---only some overlapping subgraphs are.

Graphon-aided Joint Estimation of Multiple Graphs

mn51/jointinf_graphs_graphon 11 Feb 2022

We consider the problem of estimating the topology of multiple networks from nodal observations, where these networks are assumed to be drawn from the same (unknown) random graph model.

Joint Network Topology Inference via a Shared Graphon Model

mn51/jointinf_graphs_graphon 17 Sep 2022

The proposed joint network and graphon estimation is further enhanced with the introduction of a robust method for noisy graph sampling information.