Heart rate estimation

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RR interval detection and R peak detection from QRS complex

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Heart Rate Estimation from Ballistocardiography Based on Hilbert Transform and Phase Vocoder

lyj51/HT 10 Sep 2018

The proposed algorithm addresses the shortfalls in traditional Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) based approaches by introducing Hilbert Transform to extract the pulse envelope that models the repetition of J-peaks in BCG signal.

SPECMAR: Fast Heart Rate Estimation from PPG Signal using a Modified Spectral Subtraction Scheme with Composite Motion Artifacts Reference Generation

tariqul-islam/Photoplethysmographic-Signals 15 Oct 2018

In this paper, a fast algorithm for heart rate estimation based on modified SPEctral subtraction scheme utilizing Composite Motion Artifacts Reference generation (SPECMAR) is proposed using two-channel PPG and three-axis accelerometer signals.

Non-contact photoplethysmogram and instantaneous heart rate estimation from infrared face video

natalialmg/IR_iHR 14 Feb 2019

One way to avoid these constraints is using infrared cameras, allowing the monitoring of iHR under low light conditions.

Heart Rate Estimation from Face Videos for Student Assessment: Experiments on edBB

BiDAlab/edBBdb 1 Jun 2020

In this study we estimate the heart rate from face videos for student assessment.

Meta-rPPG: Remote Heart Rate Estimation Using a Transductive Meta-Learner

eugenelet/Meta-rPPG ECCV 2020

Remote heart rate estimation is the measurement of heart rate without any physical contact with the subject and is accomplished using remote photoplethysmography (rPPG) in this work.

DeepFakesON-Phys: DeepFakes Detection based on Heart Rate Estimation

BiDAlab/DeepFakesON-Phys 1 Oct 2020

This work introduces a novel DeepFake detection framework based on physiological measurement.

An Open Framework for Remote-PPG Methods and their Assessment

phuselab/pyVHR 26 Nov 2020

This paper presents a comprehensive framework for studying methods of pulse rate estimation relying on remote photoplethysmography (rPPG).

Self-supervised Representation Learning Framework for Remote Physiological Measurement Using Spatiotemporal Augmentation Loss

Dylan-H-Wang/SLF-RPM 16 Jul 2021

To address these problems, we present a novel self-supervised spatiotemporal learning framework for remote physiological signal representation learning, where there is a lack of labelled training data.

Instantaneous Physiological Estimation using Video Transformers

revanurambareesh/instantaneous_transformer 24 Feb 2022

It outperformed both shallow and deep learning based methods for instantaneous respiration rate estimation.

Efficient Deep Learning-based Estimation of the Vital Signs on Smartphones

mahdifarvardin/mtvital 13 Apr 2022

Nowadays, due to the widespread use of smartphones in everyday life and the improvement of computational capabilities of these devices, many complex tasks can now be deployed on them.