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Link and code: Fast indexing with graphs and compact regression codes

facebookresearch/faiss CVPR 2018

Similarity search approaches based on graph walks have recently attained outstanding speed-accuracy trade-offs, taking aside the memory requirements.

Image Similarity Search Quantization

Billion-scale similarity search with GPUs

facebookresearch/faiss 28 Feb 2017

Similarity search finds application in specialized database systems handling complex data such as images or videos, which are typically represented by high-dimensional features and require specific indexing structures.

Image Similarity Search Quantization

E-LPIPS: Robust Perceptual Image Similarity via Random Transformation Ensembles

mkettune/elpips 10 Jun 2019

It has been recently shown that the hidden variables of convolutional neural networks make for an efficient perceptual similarity metric that accurately predicts human judgment on relative image similarity assessment.

Image Similarity Search

Where Are the Facts? Searching for Fact-checked Information to Alleviate the Spread of Fake News

nguyenvo09/EMNLP2020 EMNLP 2020

The search can directly warn fake news posters and online users (e. g. the posters' followers) about misinformation, discourage them from spreading fake news, and scale up verified content on social media.

Ad-Hoc Information Retrieval Fact Checking +5

A Similarity Measure for Material Appearance

mlagunas/material-appearance-similarity 4 May 2019

We present a model to measure the similarity in appearance between different materials, which correlates with human similarity judgments.

Image Similarity Search