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Collaborative Neural Rendering using Anime Character Sheets

transpchan/Live3D 12 Jul 2022

Drawing images of characters with desired poses is an essential but laborious task in anime production.

Let's Transfer Transformations of Shared Semantic Representations

gchb2012/VQA 2 Mar 2019

In this work we show how one can learn transformations with no training examples by learning them on another domain and then transfer to the target domain.

SyncDreamer: Generating Multiview-consistent Images from a Single-view Image

liuyuan-pal/syncdreamer 7 Sep 2023

In this paper, we present a novel diffusion model called that generates multiview-consistent images from a single-view image.

Controllable Text-to-3D Generation via Surface-Aligned Gaussian Splatting

WU-CVGL/MVControl-threestudio 15 Mar 2024

Building upon our MVControl architecture, we employ a unique hybrid diffusion guidance method to direct the optimization process.

InstantMesh: Efficient 3D Mesh Generation from a Single Image with Sparse-view Large Reconstruction Models

tencentarc/instantmesh 10 Apr 2024

We present InstantMesh, a feed-forward framework for instant 3D mesh generation from a single image, featuring state-of-the-art generation quality and significant training scalability.

Monocular 3D Human Pose Estimation by Generation and Ordinal Ranking

ssfootball04/generative_pose ICCV 2019

Monocular 3D human-pose estimation from static images is a challenging problem, due to the curse of dimensionality and the ill-posed nature of lifting 2D-to-3D.

Human Parsing Based Texture Transfer from Single Image to 3D Human via Cross-View Consistency

zhaofang0627/HPBTT NeurIPS 2020

This paper proposes a human parsing based texture transfer model via cross-view consistency learning to generate the texture of 3D human body from a single image.

Local Aggressive Adversarial Attacks on 3D Point Cloud

Chenfeng1271/L3A 19 May 2021

However, the perturbations of global point are not effective for misleading the victim model.

ZebraPose: Coarse to Fine Surface Encoding for 6DoF Object Pose Estimation

suyz526/zebrapose CVPR 2022

Dense methods also improved pose estimation in the presence of occlusion.

NeuralLift-360: Lifting An In-the-wild 2D Photo to A 3D Object with 360° Views

VITA-Group/NeuralLift-360 29 Nov 2022

In this work, we study the challenging task of lifting a single image to a 3D object and, for the first time, demonstrate the ability to generate a plausible 3D object with 360{\deg} views that correspond well with the given reference image.