Inductive logic programming

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Neuro-Symbolic Inductive Logic Programming with Logical Neural Networks

shehzaadzd/MINERVA 6 Dec 2021

Recent work on neuro-symbolic inductive logic programming has led to promising approaches that can learn explanatory rules from noisy, real-world data.

Inductive logic programming

Neural Logic Machines

google/neural-logic-machines ICLR 2019

We propose the Neural Logic Machine (NLM), a neural-symbolic architecture for both inductive learning and logic reasoning.

Decision Making Inductive logic programming +1

Forgetting to learn logic programs

metagol/metagol 15 Nov 2019

To improve learning performance, we explore the idea of forgetting, where a learner can additionally remove programs from its BK.

Inductive logic programming Multi-Task Learning +1

Learning higher-order logic programs

metagol/metagol 25 Jul 2019

Our theoretical results show that learning higher-order programs, rather than first-order programs, can reduce the textual complexity required to express programs which in turn reduces the size of the hypothesis space and sample complexity.

Inductive logic programming

Playgol: learning programs through play

metagol/metagol 18 Apr 2019

In this approach, a program induction system (the learner) is given a set of tasks and initial background knowledge.

Inductive logic programming Program induction

Neural Logic Reinforcement Learning

ZhengyaoJiang/NLRL 24 Apr 2019

Deep reinforcement learning (DRL) has achieved significant breakthroughs in various tasks.

Inductive logic programming Policy Gradient Methods

CLUTRR: A Diagnostic Benchmark for Inductive Reasoning from Text

facebookresearch/clutrr IJCNLP 2019

The recent success of natural language understanding (NLU) systems has been troubled by results highlighting the failure of these models to generalize in a systematic and robust way.

Inductive logic programming Language understanding +3

Probabilistic Inductive Logic Programming Based on Answer Set Programming

MatthiasNickles/diff-SAT 4 May 2014

We propose a new formal language for the expressive representation of probabilistic knowledge based on Answer Set Programming (ASP).

Inductive logic programming

Learning Explanatory Rules from Noisy Data

ai-systems/DILP-Core 13 Nov 2017

Artificial Neural Networks are powerful function approximators capable of modelling solutions to a wide variety of problems, both supervised and unsupervised.

Inductive logic programming

Induction of Non-Monotonic Rules From Statistical Learning Models Using High-Utility Itemset Mining

fxs130430/SHAP_FOLD 24 May 2019

We present a fast and scalable algorithm to induce non-monotonic logic programs from statistical learning models.

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