Joint Radar-Communication

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Intelligently decide how to simultaneously conduct radar and communication over a shared radio channel.

Most implemented papers

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Time Allocation and Directional Transmission in Joint Radar-Communication

joleeson/Directional-JRC IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC) 2022

In addition, experimental results show that the trained deep reinforcement learning agents are robust to changes in the number of vehicles in the environment.

Intelligent Resource Allocation in Joint Radar-Communication With Graph Neural Networks

joleeson/Directional-JRC IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 2022

In this paper, we propose a framework for intelligent vehicles to conduct JRC, with minimal prior knowledge of the system model and a tunable performance balance, in an environment where surrounding vehicles execute radar detection periodically, which is typical in contemporary protocols.

Software-Defined MIMO OFDM Joint Radar-Communication Platform with Fully Digital mmWave Architecture

ceyhunozkaptan/gr-mimo-ofdm-jrc 11 Feb 2023

Large-scale deployment of connected vehicles with cooperative sensing and maneuvering technologies increases the demand for vehicle-to-everything communication (V2X) band in 5. 9 GHz.