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Estimation and Inference of Heterogeneous Treatment Effects using Random Forests

IBM/causallib 14 Oct 2015

Many scientific and engineering challenges -- ranging from personalized medicine to customized marketing recommendations -- require an understanding of treatment effect heterogeneity.

A Survey of Information Cascade Analysis: Models, Predictions, and Recent Advances

Xovee/ccgl 22 May 2020

The deluge of digital information in our daily life -- from user-generated content, such as microblogs and scientific papers, to online business, such as viral marketing and advertising -- offers unprecedented opportunities to explore and exploit the trajectories and structures of the evolution of information cascades.

Learning to Expand Audience via Meta Hybrid Experts and Critics for Recommendation and Advertising

easezyc/MetaHeac 31 May 2021

Besides, MetaHeac has been successfully deployed in WeChat for the promotion of both contents and advertisements, leading to great improvement in the quality of marketing.

Structure Learning of Probabilistic Graphical Models: A Comprehensive Survey

YukiDaSlayer316/R-Tutorial 29 Nov 2011

Probabilistic graphical models combine the graph theory and probability theory to give a multivariate statistical modeling.

Maximum likelihood estimation of a finite mixture of logistic regression models in a continuous data stream

MKaptein/ofmlr 28 Feb 2018

In marketing we are often confronted with a continuous stream of responses to marketing messages.

A Deep One-Shot Network for Query-based Logo Retrieval

AyanKumarBhunia/Deep-One-Shot-Logo-Retrieval 4 Nov 2018

Logo detection in real-world scene images is an important problem with applications in advertisement and marketing.

Maximum Relevance and Minimum Redundancy Feature Selection Methods for a Marketing Machine Learning Platform

smazzanti/mrmr 15 Aug 2019

This paper describes the approach to extend, evaluate, and implement the mRMR feature selection methods for classification problem in a marketing machine learning platform at Uber that automates creation and deployment of targeting and personalization models at scale.

Targeting customers under response-dependent costs

Humboldt-WI/response-dependent-costs 13 Mar 2020

This study provides a formal analysis of the customer targeting problem when the cost for a marketing action depends on the customer response and proposes a framework to estimate the decision variables for campaign profit optimization.

TUNIZI: a Tunisian Arabizi sentiment analysis Dataset

chaymafourati/TUNIZI-Sentiment-Analysis-Tunisian-Arabizi-Dataset 29 Apr 2020

On social media, Arabic people tend to express themselves in their own local dialects.