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Region of Interest Detection in Melanocytic Skin Tumor Whole Slide Images

cyMichael/ROI_Detection 29 Oct 2022

Even though we test the experiments on the skin tumor dataset, our work could also be extended to other medical image detection problems, such as various tumors' classification and prediction, to help and benefit the clinical evaluation and diagnosis of different tumors.

MONAI: An open-source framework for deep learning in healthcare

Project-MONAI/MONAI 4 Nov 2022

For AI models to be used clinically, they need to be made safe, reproducible and robust, and the underlying software framework must be aware of the particularities (e. g. geometry, physiology, physics) of medical data being processed.

Fracture Detection in Pediatric Wrist Trauma X-ray Images Using YOLOv8 Algorithm

ruiyangju/bone_fracture_detection_yolov8 11 Apr 2023

To enable surgeons to use our model for fracture detection on pediatric wrist trauma X-ray images, we have designed the application "Fracture Detection Using YOLOv8 App" to assist surgeons in diagnosing fractures, reducing the probability of error analysis, and providing more useful information for surgery.

CST-YOLO: A Novel Method for Blood Cell Detection Based on Improved YOLOv7 and CNN-Swin Transformer

mkang315/CST-YOLO 26 Jun 2023

Blood cell detection is a typical small-scale object detection problem in computer vision.

RCS-YOLO: A Fast and High-Accuracy Object Detector for Brain Tumor Detection

mkang315/rcs-yolo 31 Jul 2023

With an excellent balance between speed and accuracy, cutting-edge YOLO frameworks have become one of the most efficient algorithms for object detection.

BGF-YOLO: Enhanced YOLOv8 with Multiscale Attentional Feature Fusion for Brain Tumor Detection

mkang315/bgf-yolo 22 Sep 2023

You Only Look Once (YOLO)-based object detectors have shown remarkable accuracy for automated brain tumor detection.