Motion Segmentation

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Motion Segmentation is an essential task in many applications in Computer Vision and Robotics, such as surveillance, action recognition and scene understanding. The classic way to state the problem is the following: given a set of feature points that are tracked through a sequence of images, the goal is to cluster those trajectories according to the different motions they belong to. It is assumed that the scene contains multiple objects that are moving rigidly and independently in 3D-space.

Source: Robust Motion Segmentation from Pairwise Matches

Greatest papers with code

Competitive Collaboration: Joint Unsupervised Learning of Depth, Camera Motion, Optical Flow and Motion Segmentation

anuragranj/cc CVPR 2019

We address the unsupervised learning of several interconnected problems in low-level vision: single view depth prediction, camera motion estimation, optical flow, and segmentation of a video into the static scene and moving regions.

Monocular Depth Estimation Motion Estimation +2

FlowNet3D: Learning Scene Flow in 3D Point Clouds

xingyul/flownet3d CVPR 2019

In this work, we propose a novel deep neural network named $FlowNet3D$ that learns scene flow from point clouds in an end-to-end fashion.

Motion Segmentation

Sparse Subspace Clustering: Algorithm, Theory, and Applications

panji530/Deep-subspace-clustering-networks 5 Mar 2012

In this paper, we propose and study an algorithm, called Sparse Subspace Clustering (SSC), to cluster data points that lie in a union of low-dimensional subspaces.

Face Clustering Motion Segmentation

UnOS: Unified Unsupervised Optical-Flow and Stereo-Depth Estimation by Watching Videos

baidu-research/UnDepthflow CVPR 2019

In this paper, we propose UnOS, an unified system for unsupervised optical flow and stereo depth estimation using convolutional neural network (CNN) by taking advantages of their inherent geometrical consistency based on the rigid-scene assumption.

Motion Segmentation Optical Flow Estimation +2

Learning to Segment Rigid Motions from Two Frames

gengshan-y/rigidmask CVPR 2021

Geometric motion segmentation algorithms, however, generalize to novel scenes, but have yet to achieve comparable performance to appearance-based ones, due to noisy motion estimations and degenerate motion configurations.

Motion Segmentation Scene Flow Estimation

MultiBodySync: Multi-Body Segmentation and Motion Estimation via 3D Scan Synchronization

huangjh-pub/multibody-sync CVPR 2021

We present MultiBodySync, a novel, end-to-end trainable multi-body motion segmentation and rigid registration framework for multiple input 3D point clouds.

Motion Estimation Motion Segmentation

Motion-based Object Segmentation based on Dense RGB-D Scene Flow

stanford-iprl-lab/sceneflownet 14 Apr 2018

Our model jointly estimates (i) the segmentation of the scene into an unknown but finite number of objects, (ii) the motion trajectories of these objects and (iii) the object scene flow.

Motion Segmentation Semantic Segmentation